Friday, March 2, 2012

The Wall Response

The project was conceptual because she started on male end and he started on female end, meet in the middle and walk towards their sides. It started as a movement of romantic love but developed into a thing of development and change as they started at different places and broke up.He had complications with authorities but no terrain and she had no problems with authority but with terrain. She never really had a plan; he used a map. He was structured and she was chaotic and surrendered to the situation. He wouldn’t adapt. They walked different lines. They had different goals in mind. She wanted to get stories from locals, not the history of the wall but the myths of it. She surrendered to the experience and he broke the flag that symbolized surrender. Commitment to the other and trust that the other would definitely stick to and that they would be there in the end. Despite the change, they still committed and followed through.  In the end, they wrote the same poem. And quoted the same one. “Clouded in the sky, dust in the eye.” The narrative is art in itself, like a myth.

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